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OPEN HOUSE 2023: 35,000 Guzzi fans party together

Motoguzzi Evento Guzzisti Box

Record attendance at the annual Moto Guzzi get-together

Once again, Moto Guzzi establishes itself as one of the world’s most respected motorbike brands, as thousands of people of all nationalities and generations come together, united by passion for the bikes of the Mandello Eagle.

Mandello del Lario and Moto Guzzi played host to around 35,000 Guzzi fans from Europe, Turkey, the US and as far afield as Australia, who all came together for a grand family reunion.

Guzzi fans, motorbike lovers, their families and tourists shared an incredible four days in Mandello.

The Mandello site has a fascinating history that includes being part of Italy’s industrial evolution and the eagle brand becoming established as a truly global brand. During the Open House event, visitors had the rare privilege of seeing the bike and engine assembly lines in action and viewing the Wind Tunnel, considered the most historical area of the entire factory. Built in the 1950s to study aerodynamics, it was the first ever such facility and was fundamental not only in the construction of the 8-cylinder 500, one of the most famous bikes in the world, but also in helping Moto Guzzi notch up 14 world championships (8 rider and 6 constructor titles).

MG Galleria Del Vento
Motoguzzi Evento Virginradio Box

Event partner Virgin Radio transformed the Moto Guzzi Village into the beating heart of the four days. DJ Ringo welcomed a number of guests onto the stage and they regaled the crowd with tales of races, journeys and adventures. The village was also the starting point for over 600 test rides on a vast range of models including the classic V7, the original V9, the All-Terrain V85 TT and newcomer V100 Mandello.

The surprise unveiling of the Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Corsa

The current range of Moto Guzzi bikes were on display in the centre of the village, including the brand-new V7 Stone Corsa which made its debut at the Open House. 
Visitors were also able to view some of the amazing products of Filippo Barbacane and Guareschi Moto, two famous Moto Guzzi partners.
The Moto Guzzi Experience team were also on hand, inspiring guests with details of the all-inclusive adventures aboard some of Moto Guzzi’s iconic bikes in incredible locations around the world.

Motoguzzi V7stone Corsa Box 900X675
Motoguzzi Evento Guzzisti Gallery11

The Open House also presented the perfect opportunity to raise funds for charity. On Saturday 9 September, the V7 Stone 75° Oro Olimpico was unveiled. This special version, which celebrates the success of the Mandello Moto Guzzi rowers at the 1948 London Olympics, was donated by Moto Guzzi to Moto Guzzi Canottieri and was auctioned off.

Proceeds was used by the club to develop rowing activities for young people and disabled adults.